Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA


Latin American art will not be generalized. 

In 2017, Pacific Standard Time — an initiative of The Getty — brought the largest collection of Latin American and Latino art to Los Angeles.


It's not all Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

The collection included photography, painting, sculpture, murals, artifacts, films, performance and everything in between. 5 years of planning, over one thousand artists from 45 countries, and more than 70 participating exhibitions. 


We were a little selective. 

for the colors, at least. Each gradient was created using colors from the piece of art it represented, making no two the same.


Art on wheels.

for the month of october, the Pst mobile museum made its way around los angeles. with a snapchat integration people were able to view art through the lines. outside they were able to imagine lines of their own. 

IMG_1804 copy.jpg
Photo: @mr_friend

Photo: @mr_friend

Photo: @msaquarius

Photo: @msaquarius

Photo: @giraffingly

Photo: @giraffingly

Photo: @kelseyrae333   

Photo: @kelseyrae333



At the end of PST,

we revealed what line went with what are piece.